Tuesday, May 4, 2010

END THE FED by Ron Paul

I just got finished listening to this on a book on cassette.  My oh my.  What a lot to think about. The book has two primary themes: returning to the gold standard and a pitch to abolish the Federal Reserve Bank.  The author offers compelling reasons to think about this.  Having taken banking courses in the past it was very interesting to hear a viewpoint that was quite the opposite of what I had been previously taught about the fed, the reasons for it's being, it's impact on the overall economy especially the current banking crisis, and the alternatives if it were not in existance.

I think the most interesting thing is to realize is that Ron Paul is now the number two man in the Republican Party pegged for the up coming presidential election.  Would I vote for him?  I'll have to think about it but it sure will make and interesting election.

I would encourage everybody to read this book for two reasons:  1) His thoughts may inform and challenge you in what you believe about the economy and, 2) As a major political player it would be good to know what he's talking about so you would know whether you would want to support him or not.  Ron Paul is definately not the mainstream candidate.

I will note that I thought the CD was the way to go because the pace was fast.  I think reading the book might be a little bogged down at times but I did wish I could look things up and go over them a couple times.  The last three chapters were great so if you start and decide not to finish skip to the end.  Chapter 13 was especially well summarized.

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