Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5 Reasons to Find a New Bank Adapting And Grow#voted

5 Reasons to Find a New Bank Adapting And Grow#voted

I was a customer of Washington Mutual before the hostile takeover by Chase Bank. When I was with WAMU I was able to call them up, discuss any situation, and discuss the options available. Their service was wonderful and service was friendly.

In comes Chase Bank. When a reporting problem was discovered on my payment I spent hours and hours and hours on the phone listening to canned music, being rerouted, writing letters, and restating my social security number. The problem never was resolved to my satisfaction.

Contrast again my local Sterling Savings Bank. Through the years they have helped with receiving deposits for rental units, assisted with loans, provided free fax services for my business transactions. When I call them they know my voice before I even say my name. This is service and if we don't get it we should be shopping around.

I keep saying it because there is no more important issue here: It's our money. Not the banks. Even when they make loans to you or your neighbor it is still with our money. They have no money except what we give them yet if they act like you are not the most important factor of their business then it's time to look around. When enough people realize and start acting on this things will change and change for the better.

Hope you take a look at the attached link and do an inventory of your own service.

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