Thursday, February 11, 2010

America's Best and Worst Banks

I was so excited to see that a news story was coming out by Forbes that listed the best and worst banks. But alas, again, their analysis was only based on who made the most money. What about customer service? Even before the new credit card laws are in effect the banks have come up with a new list of fees and programs to keep their profits high off YOUR money while continuing to tighten the noose around their customers necks.

Remember it's YOUR money that they are making their profits from. If you are not satisified with the service take your money out. Don't judge a bank by their commercials.

If your bank has treated you well pass the word. If they have not then pass the word even faster.


  1. Last year with so many bank failures, people are apprehensive about opening accounts with banks. Some banks have survived the crisis while others have simply given in to the economic pressure. By predicting the success or failure of a bank we can think of making investments. For more details refer Best and worst banks

  2. Excellent point and one not to be taken for granted. I have also added urvi's blog to the side if you would like to do more research. Also see the December post titled "know your bank"